Pink Or Blue?

Published April 26, 2016 by Mumumental

So as my bump slowly started to grow, I was getting so excited. I could feel definite flutters by now, and was dying to find out the sex. I really wanted a boy and I already had the name Dylan in mind, but as back up I had the names Connor, Jordan and Jackson. If it was to be a girl, I had Mia and Lily in mind but no name stuck for a girl as much as Dylan did for a boy.

I was so eager to find out the sex that I booked a private gender scan at Well Woman and Baby Room in Shoreham by Sea. I booked this not long after my 3 month scan where they confirmed the estimated due date as 12th October 2015, and I booked this for as soon as I turned 16 weeks which is the earliest you can have it. With this scan I was even more excited because you can take as many people as you like, so I took my Mum, my Aunty Ali and my best friend Geri.

I was so excited as the day approached, I was at work in the morning and I usually wear all black everything, but someone pointed out I was wearing a blue top when I had got to work that morning, and asked me if it was intentional. Which it wasn’t, so I then hoped that it was a sign.

Later that day we all set off for the scan excited to see my baby, and find out if it was a boy or a girl. We walked in the room and met Lindsay who would be doing the scan for me, she was very welcoming and lovely. I laid on the bed and she began the scan and asked what I was hoping for, to which I replied, “A boy . . I really want a boy. So I am sure it will be a girl!”. She replied, “Well, you’re having a boy!” just like that!

I didn’t expect her to tell me so quickly and I was so excited and happy that I burst into tears of joy. There he was on the screen, my little boy. She pointed out that he had found his willy, and he was actually playing with it for most of the scan. Typical boy!

The scan lasted about 30 minutes and it was just amazing. Lindsay showed us my healthy looking baby boy, from all different angles on the big screen in front of us.  We saw him drinking, yawning, and moving around during this time and I loved every single second of it. And yes, I did just say drinking! We learnt that they drink the amniotic fluid around them, and wee it back out several times throughout the day! I thought it was kinda gross, but somehow cute at the same time. He was kicking himself away from the wall of my uterus, then would float back to it and kick himself away again, like a little game. It was so nice to share this experience with my Mum, Aunty and Geri who all seemed to love watching him on the screen just as much as I did. I left the scan over the moon, I couldn’t wait to start buying boy clothes and I couldn’t wait to announce the sex.

My colleague Beka, bakes the tastiest cakes EVER and had said that she would do me a gender reveal cake. (Any excuse for cake, hehe) So I messaged her when I got back from the scan and told her. She was really happy for me as she knew I wanted a boy, and got started on the cake! I went out and bought my first baby boy clothes ready for the big reveal, to announce the sex in the morning to all my friends & family on social media.

I came home and knocked on the fathers bedroom door all excited and said, “I know you probably don’t care, but I am really excited and I am having a boy!” He smiled and said, “Well that’s a relief, they’re easier than girls at least”. He proceeded to tell me to “Always knock before entering his room, when he is a teenager” …

I went into to work the next morning, where my cake was waiting! I cut open the cake which had blue sponge and blue smarties inside. A few of my work friends were there and were so happy for me! I laid out my new baby boy clothes around it and took pictures to post online.

I would 100% recommend to anyone wanting to know the sex to book with Linsday Savage at Well Woman and Baby Room. It was one of my favorite scans. My friend Lisa who was also pregnant and 2 months behind me also went to her, and also absolutely loved the scan. Definitely worth it!

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