Baby Shower and The nursery!

Published July 8, 2016 by Mumumental

I had arranged my baby shower really early, I arranged it in April, for the bank holiday weekend in August. I had bought most of the big things I needed and some little things, but had planned it so that I would have just shy of 6 weeks left to go and get whatever I didn’t have, after my baby shower. Well, if he was going to be on time of course!! My mum let me have the shower at her house and decorated the place beautifully and did lots of food for us. I had also asked my colleague to make me a cake and cupcakes for the day which turned out amazing!

I woke up the morning of the baby shower really excited but really nervous. I am generally quite loud and outgoing, however I am actually really uncomfortable when all the focus is on me, though people would never know that. I was looking forward to having a nice afternoon with family and friends, but absolutely DREADING the part where you have to sit in front of everyone and open presents.

It was set to rain, of course! It was a bank holiday weekend after all . . . But actually didn’t rain, it wasn’t sunny but was a warm day so we managed to sit in the garden under a little marquee, just in case the rain decided to make an appearance. We played games, chatted, and munched!! I had gone and bought lots of bags of different chocolates as prizes for the winners of the games we played. We had all the guests and myself, bring baby photos and had to guess who was who, as one game. For another everyone had to guess my bump size … which was preeeetty big by now, using a piece of string. We also played baby bingo and I think we played a nursery rhyme game. It was nice and chilled but I remember by the end of it feeling so drained. I was too embarrassed to open the presents in front of everyone so I waited until there was just a few of us left, and sat in my mums living room and did it. I felt really bad, but I was so tired.

I was so overwhelmed by the beautiful and thoughtful gifts people had purchased for me and baby. It was unbelievable. It was all becoming more and more real, and it made me so excited to meet my little man and see him in the lovely clothes I had been given.

I have one regret from my baby shower and that is the lack of photos, I only took photos of the decorations and the food. I didn’t even think to take photos throughout! I am glad to be writing about it though, at least I’ll always have the memories. Below are the only photos from that day.

After this lovely day, it was time for the final touches. I bought the Chicco Next to Me co sleeper crib. Which I couldn’t recommend enough, A nursing chair and other bits for the nursery. A few more bits for my baby boy, and some bits for me to go in my hospital bag.

It was also now time to get the nursery ready for baby! My Mum worked very hard helping me make the vision I had for the nursery a reality. She pretty much did everything, she had the room re-plastered, painted, had new flooring fitted, a wardrobe built, she even bought his chest of drawers / changing table and sanded and painted it the colours I wanted. Once we put everything together, the final product was perfect. Here are the pictures of the Nursery from every angle the day it was finished.

Once the Nursery was done, I was able to have everything in his room ready and relax a little bit. Well, I thought I would relax. Then came the waiting game . . . .

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