Extrovert, introvert or both?

Published November 6, 2019 by Mumumental

Just a quick blog post on a conversation today that got me thinking … when we are growing up we’re told we are either extroverted or introverted. So which are you? Or have you never felt that you fit into one category? Well .. it turns out, you can be both.

When I was younger I was 100% an extrovert, it was plain to see. I was an outgoing, bubbly girl, usually good in social situations. I preferred being around people to being alone, I could chat to absolutely anyone.

I always wondered why I am not that person anymore. Well .. I am at times. Mainly when drunk!! But definitely not all the time. I can still very much come across as that outgoing, confident, friendly girl, but half the time, or maybe even more than that, unless I’m tipsy or absolutely blind drunk .. i’m feeling super awkward deep down. I cannot STAND small talk. I’ll do it when I’m forced, to but deep down I am dying inside.

As I’ve gotten older when I’ve heard people talking about being extroverted or introverted, I stopped calling myself an extrovert, like I had used to. I just started saying that I was an introverted extrovert, as I related to certain aspects of both … but little did I realise, this was actually a thing. I kinda grew up thinking and hearing you were one or the other.

I never really thought too much into it and it’s been a while since having a conversation like that, however, during a chat today, I described myself as a bit of contradiction. I said something along the lines of, “I hate contradictions .. but I feel like I myself, am one. I’m very honest, direct and open. I love being around people, a lot .. at times. But at the same time, I can be awkward, have social anxiety, HATE small talk, and really just need to be alone”.

So .. I decided to look into it. Surely if you have both traits you don’t have to be boxed into one category, and OF COURSE you don’t!!

When I first started researching, the site I found called someone with the traits of an extrovert and introvert an, “Omnivert”, but I’m since seeing the word “Ambivert” more and more since reading about it.

I found the below online, just a simple quick description of each category of personality.

(Source: https://www.scienceofpeople.com/ambivert/ )

It might not be that interesting to anyone else, but it’s something I definitely found interesting and something I never knew about, so I wanted to share this.

I personally think my traits have changed and combined with both sides due to ups and downs in my life. I get some people never change and they are just blatantly one way or another, no mater what. But for me, I think anxiety kicking in, betrayals .. and just growing up in general has put me somewhere in the middle.

Thanks for reading this little gibberish blog.. maybe you’re an ambivert like me and you never realised until now! YOU ARE WELCOME. 😉

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